Experiencing a Gong meditation is like nothing else, almost unable to be explained. You are surrounded by sounds that resonate with your soul, bringing you to that place where you can just ‘be’, carrying you away on vibrational waves. I always carry the bliss with me for a long time, closing my eyes I can still feel it. If you have never attended, give it a chance, let yourself go, immerse yourself in the sound. Plus, Robb and Scott are pretty awesome people!
— Lynne
I had an amazing experience with the immersion gong bath. Two very interesting spirtual beings. They have great knowledge and Love of their Gongs. Their kindness and patience definitely added to everyone’s experience. May the universe continue to bless them. With Gratitude
— Amy


OUR INtent

Robb and Scott work to help co-create a loving safe environment in order to experience relaxation and deep meditative states.  



About Robb & Scott


*Robb and Scott also are teachers of people with special needs.  They are interested in helping folks come into contact with their true nature, and expand love in the world.